The Best Gifts to Give to Each of Your BFFs

The holiday season is finally here! And who better to show your appreciation to than your better halves -- your bffs. Whether she's the girl you go to for style advice (and to raid her closet), your most dependable wingwoman, or the roommate you do get along with, we've got you covered for awesome (and affordable) gifts for each of them:

The stylish bff is the one who always looks put together -- that's why you've worn half the dresses in her closet already. Show her some love with a "love" script bracelet, an ever-so-stylish cheetah print scarf, holiday-themed Butter London lip gloss (that can still be used the rest of the year), or a festive Kate Spade phone case (can I just say, gold dots are to die for?)

This girl takes her studies seriously. Maybe she's the pre-med girl down the hall who keeps you in check around midterms, but you also love grabbing a bite to eat or watching a movie with her. Show your thanks by getting her chic study gear: chevron striped notebooks, a Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case, or a pair of super comfortable J.Crew flats.

Your study abroad BFF went through the entire crazy experience with you. And you would love to travel with her again -- afterall, you went through it once and had a blast. For the worldly traveler, get her a stylish passport case, bright earphones for plane and train trips, a Moleskine travel journal, a classy yet easy to take bag (Asos) on the go, or a chic scarf that reminds you of another part of the world.

Your girl's night outs are almost always with this girl, who ushers all the cute guys in your direction (and you do the same for her!) For the girl that works hard and plays hard, set her up with a pair of glittery heels, the coveted Naked 2 palette, a chic studded clutch, your favorite lip gloss, and some shot glasses

Whether your not your roommate is your true BFF, you've grown close just by sharing a bathroom and space. Get your roommate some stylish household gifts to spice up her space (and yours): Kate Spade gem coasters (or these!), bamboo cooking utensils, and a Paris poster

What are you getting your BFFs?

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