3 Reasons To Use Paper Planners

I'll be the first to admit that online and electronic planners are useful. Online planners can be checked anytime, anywhere through your phone or laptop. However, I just can't seem to get over my pink paper planner.

Writing tasks and important events down helps me remember them better. 

I know, the point of a planner is to remind you of these tasks and events, but I forget to check my planner sometimes if I don't remember there's something I should be doing.

There's something more satisfying about crossing things off on paper. 

Checking off a box on Google Calendar cannot compare to crossing off something from your to do list in pen.

I can customize and decorate. 

I love the fact that I can highlight important tasks, decorate the pages with colorful pens, and doodle when I'm bored in class.
What do you prefer? Do you think a planner is necessary?

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