Fall Beauty Trend: Dark Lips & How to Pull Them Off

As fall swings into high gear and the bikinis and spray tans are packed away, we can start to enjoy knit sweaters and the crisp crunch of leaves beneath our feet. As for the makeup trends surfacing this fall, dark lips have become a must-try. Cosmetic companies such as Revlon, NYX and Elizabeth Arden have all come out with a deep shade of lipstick called Black Cherry. This ever-so-sexy shade is red based and can be so dark it looks almost black. The trick to pulling off a bold look like this is doing just enough without going overboard. For those of you trendy girls out there who are ready (and daring enough) to tackle the dark lip, here are a few tips on how to pull them off.

Face: A clean, matte complexion with minimal blush can be a great canvas for a bold lip. You don’t want to overdo it with the blush because it can begin to compete with the rest of the look.

Eyes: Unless you’re going for that goth-vampire look, I’d steer clear of a dark smokey eye. Classic black eyeliner with a nude shadow swept across the lid can define the eyes without competing with the lip. Just add a healthy coat of mascara and your eyes are good to go.

Lips: The first step is finding the right shade for your skin tone. This can make all the difference and is well worth the search. Fair skin tones should look for lipsticks that have more of a blue undertone while medium to dark skin tones can venture more towards the deep burgundies and mauves. Once you have found the perfect shade, use a lip brush to line the lips before filling them in. This step is important with a dark color because you don’t want it running outside the lines. Make sure to blot after applying so the color isn’t too deep and you’re done!

To achieve a perfect dark lip, try one of these three affordable lip shades.

So now that you have all the tips and tricks to tackle the dark lip, go ahead and try it out for yourself. Who knows, it could become one of your fall beauty staples! By: Flannery Underwood Images: Pinterest

By: Flannery Underwood | Images: Pinterest

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