How to Take a Stunning Photo: Tips from Irish Model Laura Graham

This up-and-coming stunner was born and raised in beautiful Dublin, Ireland where she works at First Option Models, Management, Production. She’s not just a pretty face, though. This model spent a semester studying interior architecture at one of the largest art schools in the U.S., Columbia College Chicago. While studying, she still managed to find ways to squeeze in photo shoots. Modeling has taught Miss Graham some very useful photo-taking tips that she loves to share with her friends. Here are Laura Graham’s top five tips for taking a stunning photo, whether it be a hot, new Facebook profile pic or a photo for any other occasion, Laura Graham has got your back.

1. Know your good angle
We all have one, whether it’s from the side or front on -- show off your best features. Know it and show it! Also, be aware of which angle suits your face, too, not just your body. Sometimes a side portrait can highlight your nose and chin, so be aware of what features will be most prominent in which angles.

2. Stand tall no matter what height you are
If you put your shoulders back and stand up, confidence will show. Plus, slouching hides your figure!

3. Suck it in
Even if you’ve got nothing to suck in, it will help your posture, too!

4. If you’ve got nice teeth, get those bad boys out and grin...
...but if you’re going through the “braceface” stage, a simple smile can be cute, especially with dimples. Never cave in to the duck pout, kissy face, or open mouth -- they’re risky and quite frankly overused.

5. Smeyez
“Smile with your eyes,” as Tyra Banks would say! It’s a great tip and instantly makes your whole face look sexy! Make eye contact with the camera, have big eyes open and think of something delicious, and your lids will automatically dip (big lashes also help your eyes look amazing). If you can manage a one eyebrow angle, do it.

Try out these tips the next time you find yourself posing in front of a camera, and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised with the result.

By: Bianca Brummell | Image: Laura Graham

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  1. Great advice! I can NEVER take a good picture. Hopefully with this knowledge under my belt, I will OWN my next photoshoot

  2. The stand tall tip is a good one! I hate when girls slouch in general.

  3. I love the shade of red that the models hair is.

  4. I actually tired some of these tips and took a good picture! Lol, thanks.


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