How to Dress Like Cameron Diaz: 3 Hot Looks for In and Out of the Classroom

She may have played the role of “bad teacher,” but Cameron Diaz is a great style inspiration when it comes to looking for cute summer styles that work both in and out of the classroom.

Look 1: Shorts

Cameron loves to show off her legs, and in the summer almost everyone is walking around in them. The key to getting away with shorts in a school setting is by pairing them with a nice camisole and jacket combo.

Look 2: Dresses

What says summertime more than a cute dress? Cameron loves to wear well-fitted dresses that flare out near the bottom. Pair your dress with a pair of heels or cute flats, and you can look cute, stylish and sophisticated, all while looking appropriate for the classroom.

Look 3: Skirts

Look 1 can easily work for wearing skirts as well. However, you are able to do a bit more with skirts than just a camisole and blazer. There are varying lengths and styles of skirts you can find for the end of summer. Try a knee length printed skirt with a cute pair of heels that matches one of the colors on the skirt. Then find a cute blouse to go with it. The fun thing about skirts versus a dress is that your blouse can be totally different than the skirt you’re wearing it with.

Feel free to mix and match styles just like Cameron Diaz, and share your outfits with us through an email or comment!

By: Bianca Brummell | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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