How to Create a Chic Rocker Faux Hawk

Have you ever coveted the popular look of the edgy Mohawk that many celebrities and fashionistas alike don on occasion? Don’t want to commit to shaving off the sides of your hair to attain that look? Right, neither do I ... but, there is a fashionable way around such a huge commitment of shaving portions of your hair. For this particular style, you will need a no-slip hair clasp, some hair pins or bobby pins and gel or pomade.

To begin this simple look, you will need to grab your no-slip hair clasp and gather your hair as if you would if you were placing your hair half-up-half-down. However, when securing the hair with the clip, turn it vertically instead of horizontally. Clasp it and make sure all the strands of hair are secured within the clip, if not, try again.

Next, the hair that has not been secured with the no-slip hair clasp should be brought together to make the rest of your faux hawk. Pin along the sides to keep the hair going in that direction.

If you would like neater-looking sides, use gel or pomade for smoothing.

After the product has been applied, fluff out the hair to cover the pins and clip evenly. Add a pin of choice or maybe even a hanging feather for a bit more edge and the look is complete.

Who says you can’t rock a Mohawk without the commitment? Here’s proof you can be a fickle fashionista!

By: DeAnna Ramos | Images: Glam Latte, DeAnna Ramos

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