Celebrity Blogs: Beyonce & Solange Knowles

Celebrities often seem out of reach to most of their fans. Other than buying their albums, watching their videos and attending their concerts, we rarely get a chance to see the “human” inside of them. Fortunately, due to the advancement of the Internet and the popularity of blogs, celebrities such as Beyonce and Solange Knowles have started to offer an inside glimpse into their behind-the-scenes lifestyle.

For some time now, Solange Knowles has been attempting to slip away from her infamous title, “Beyonce’s younger sister.” After chopping off her hair and opting to let her natural beauty shine, Solange has evolved as fashion’s newest socialite. Her blog, My Damn Blog, is a glimpse into her fashion evolution. From photos of her time overseas, her shopping trips and even her gorgeous, gray-eyed son Julez, fans everywhere are finally seeing Solange as an independent diva and not connected to her sister’s hip/career.

Most recently, Beyonce launched her blog, I Am Beyonce. The blonde-haired songstress has not only been dominating charts for years, but in several other facets as well. Her marriage to rap’s most-domineering artist, Jay Z, her clothing line and newest addition, her daughter Blue Ivy, has made Beyonce one of the most inspirational and desired public figure. While fans everywhere would faint if they were in her presence, Beyonce’s blog takes us beyond the paparazzi shots and rump-shaking moves and instead, into what her real life looks like. Although there isn’t much text available on the site, her photos surely speak for themselves. From shots of her family on the 4th of July to shots of her feeding baby Blue, we’re all getting to know Beyonce just a little bit more.

Aside from Beyonce and Solange Knowles, several other celebrities are launching blogs, all with a different flavor, but for the same purpose: showing their human side. Take time to Google some of your favorite celebrities, and check to see if they have blogs. You’ll be surprised to see what you’ll find.

By: Rikki Byrd | Images: 1, 2, 3

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