Career: How to Intern When You Can't Afford NOT To Work

Interning is advertised by many as a great experience and an even better way to get legitimate references before you walk across the stage on graduation day. However, not everyone has the time, opportunity or money to devote to interning. Money matters, and in some situations, young professionals can’t afford to work for free even though they’d love to gain experience through an internship. So what do you do when you can’t leave your part-time job to intern?

Before you panic, understand that internships are the path taken by a few ... not the highway traveled by many. Some universities don’t offer them, some institutions don’t value them and even more people can’t afford to do them independently. So do you have other options? Of course!

Virtual Internships

Not only do these internships offer you the luxury of working in your pajamas, you can also get away with eating anything you like at your desk. Virtual internships are offered in different industries such as public relations, marketing, communications, event planning, journalismc... you name it, and there’s probably a virtual internship for it. What does this mean for you? You can schedule your internship around your needs and other commitments and negotiate when you put in your hours.

Working on Campus

Want a few references that don’t just include your manager? Why not take a paying position at your university? Talk to your favorite professor and see what options are available to you within your department. If you’re not keen on working just in your area of study, branch out! Your university probably has a bookstore, cafeteria, gym and many other recreational and academic facilities that need support staff. Ask your student union to see how you can get a job on campus.

Marketing Your Skills

You work, thus, you must’ve had to learn something. Go through the job description that your employer posted or look for similar job descriptions online and see if any of the qualifications and requirements match your skill set. Use these “buzz words” on your resume and cover letter to market yourself!

By: Danielle Mair | Image: Source

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