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Megan and Liz aren’t your average twin sisters. The blonde and brunette BFF’s have been active on YouTube since 2007, singing their hearts out on their channel Megan & Liz, but the 19-year-old up-and-coming pop stars have been singing for much longer. In fact, the sisters have been singing for so long, they didn’t initially realize music was their calling. It felt so second nature to the girls, who say “we’ve always grown up around music, so we never really saw ourselves doing anything else! If there had to be a moment, we’d say it was probably the beginning of our senior year of high school when everyone else was applying to college, and we knew we wanted to give music a try before college.” And the girls are so happy they did pause to work on their singing career.

Megan and Liz released their EP “This Time” this past February, which they said was pretty amazing. “The best part [about making the EP] was discovering our sound. The EP is a contemplation of our work and discovering ourselves through co-writers and music over the span of a year, so that was really fun!” This Time has been available on iTunes for download since February 20, 2012 and is jam-packed with seven all-original pop/rock singles.

Do Megan and Liz feel their EP was a success? Yes! They were so proud of all of their songs and feel as though the album was “a great stepping stone.” Right now the girls’ mantra is “we can do this!” -- and they are doing it! Today, the girls are releasing their new single “Bad for Me.”

As if you’re not already impressed with Megan and Liz, it gets better! These twins are seriously into style. Megan and Liz have their own beauty channel on YouTube, which they started in January 2011 and have over 100 videos ranging from how-tos to style advice. As it turns out, the girls’ personal outlook on fashion is pretty different! “Our personal styles are a bit different from each other: Megan is more edgy and preppy, while Liz is more boho/hipster.” While their styles may be opposites, their fashion inspiration comes from the exact same place: comfort and self-expression.

While the girls love fashion, beauty also is another passion: “We like to dress up a lot and try new things, not only with our clothes, but with our hair and makeup. We are always trying to find new makeup!” Megan and Liz have tons of beauty tutorials on their YouTube channel, but no matter how many times they experiment with new styles and products, there are a few beauty classics they won’t leave behind. The twins are a little obsessed with Urban Decay and can’t get enough of Urban Decay’s Naked Eye Shadow collection. Of course, concealer is a go-to for the girls, who don’t go anywhere without it because “dark circles run in the family.”

Through music and fashion, Megan and Liz shine together, but they also shine apart! Both girls have different tastes and are attracted to different styles. They both love fashion and beauty, and at the end of the day, they just want to have fun with their appearance. After all, Megan and Liz’s fashion mantra is “Have fun with fashion! Never take it too seriously, and be creative.” They are definitely doing just that!

Check out Megan and Liz’s top ten fashion and beauty picks and an exclusive interview with CG’s Annie Robinson below…

Fashion & Beauty Favorites:
1. Abercrombie & Fitch Gwyneth Polo Shirt, $51.00 (
2. Top Shop Petite Flag Denim Printed Shorts, $69.00 (
3. Delia’s Black Lace Inset Romper, $35.00 (
4. RGB Nail Polish, $16.00 (
5. Diva Double Spike Glam Bracelet, $18.00 (
6. Urban Decay Naked2 Palette, $50.00 (
7. Bindya Ombra Modal Scarf, $95.00 (
8. Teal Skinny Soft Scarf, $6.99 (
9. Disney Graphic Minnie Shirt, $13.00 (
10. Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume, $49.00 (
1. Forever 21 Buckled Flap Crossbody, $20.00 (
2. Forever 21 Rhinestone Cut-Out Ring, $5.80 (
3. Jeffrey Campbell Platform Ankle Boots, $190.00 (
4. Forever 21 Tribal Pattern Bangle Set, $5.80 (
5. Stella McCartney Perfume, $72.00 (
6. Vintage Studded High-Waisted Denim Shorts, $60.00 (
7. Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit, $33.00 (
8. Chan Luu Five Wrap Leather Bracelet, $180.00 (
9. Boho Feather T-Strap Sandals, $29.00 (
10. Hippie/Boho Orange Embroidered Skirt, $19.00 (

Exclusive Interview:
If you could create your own designer label, what kind of clothes would you design, and what would you call your label?
M&L: If we could have our own label, we would probably design a lot of dresses because we both love wearing dresses! We would design clothes that are comfortable and stylish … two things we always look for! We would probably call it “Twinning.”

Who are your style icons?
M: My style icons are people like Miley Cyrus … she is always so trendy!
L: I think Carrie Underwood is a really good example of whom I look to for style. She is always classic and always looks amazing!

Do you like to follow trends or make your own?
M&L: We do a mixture of both, really. We take the trends and make them our own!

Do you have a favorite designer?
M&L: We both love Stella McCartney and Jeffrey Campbell!

What is your favorite accessory?
M: I cannot live without scarves. No matter the season, I still love them!
L: I would have to say shoes! I literally have an obsession.

On your YouTube channel, you often talk about fashion and beauty tips. What is your number one fashion and beauty tip for summer 2012?
M&L: The two biggest trends we have noticed for summer is denim on denim, which is totally cool, we think! Also, the American flag seems to be making its way onto everything, and it goes really well with denim!

What celebrities do you think have a great eye when it comes to fashion?
M&L: People like Emma Roberts and Chelsea Kane … they are always so fashion forward, but keep it simple at the same time.

If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, what store would you pick?
M&L: We are both crazy about Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters!

Does your personal style connect to your music at all?
M&L: Yes, for sure! It is different and young!

What is your favorite color of nail polish?
M: I always either go for red or a French manicure. I like to keep it classy!
L: I always go for black!

What is your favorite perfume?
M: I love Pink Sugar or Fantasy by Britney Spears!
L: Stella by Stella McCartney! I’ve worn it since I was 14.

What is one saying you like to live by when it comes to fashion and beauty?
M&L: Have fun with fashion! Never take it too seriously, and be creative.

Visit iTunes to listen to Megan and Liz’s new single!

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Megan and Liz, listed retail stores

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