Outfits Inspired by Dirty Dancing

My mother and I disagree when it comes to our taste in movies. Whenever an argument about what chick flick to watch arises, however, there is one film we always agree on: the 1987 hit romance, Dirty Dancing. Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, the movie tells the story of a young tourist girl who falls head-over-heels for a mysterious dance instructor. The film was a massive success at the box office, and since its release, has only gained popularity. Although the costumes in the movie are simple and laid-back, their overall appeal is undeniable.

1. Stripe Dress ($50), Oasis
2. Round Buckle Stretch Belt ($4.99), Wet Seal
3. River Island Large Sun Stud Earrings ($9.94), Asos
4. Ollio Women’s Oxfords ($18), Amazon

1. Shell Pendant ($28), Your Eyes Lie
2. Warehouse Anchor Stud Earrings ($4.69), Warehouse
3. Cameo Rose Cream Tie Front Top (N/A), New Look
4. Tie Dye Turn Up Denim Shorts ($16), Own the Runway
5. Soludos Slip-On Flats ($41), Eluxe

1. Grey Bohemian Necklace ($20), Purse Boutique
2. Wild Diva Heels ($37), Endless
3. Eyelet Dress ($49), Tommy
4. Golden Birds Drop Earrings ($10), Diva

Clearly, Baby’s style consists of simple pieces with simple accessories. Her outfits convey a cool attitude and killer confidence in her own skin. Her self-assurance is one of many qualities that attracted Johnny to her. If you want to hook a hottie of your own, consider emulating Baby’s fashion sense!

By: Briana Morgan | Images: Weheartit, listed retail stores

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  1. After seeing this movie, my daughter had to have the roll up jeans. She always called them her 'baby jeans'.

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