How to Style a Braided Hair Headband

Trends are all the rage this summer, and there has been one particular trend that has been appearing time and time again on many of the runways and catalogs, and that’s the faux-headband. Models sporting this tribal or bohemian look have graced some of your favorite magazines, and they have probably sparked your interest. Wondering how to achieve the newest coveted look for the summer? Well ask no more -- for this hairstyle how to, you’ll need a few bobby pins, a scrunchie or clip and some twisting and braiding skills.

1. First, section off a portion of hair above your ear on either side of your head (if you prefer taking hair from the right side, do so and vice versa with the left). To help keep things neat, pull the rest of your hair up into a ponytail, probably best positioned at the top of your head.

2. After securing that portion of your hair away, get to work on sectioning the hair you left out above your ear. You will need to divide this portion once, twice, or three times; it all depends on the amount of hair you’ve sectioned off -- it’s all about personal preference.

3. When you’ve divided the sectioned-off hair, begin to braid or twist one section and then the other (if you’re doing three braids or twists, you’ll have another portion or two left to braid). 

4. Once you have braided/twisted the hair, take one braid/twist at a time and bring it across the middle of your forehead, then pin above the opposite ear. Do the same for the other braids/twists.

5. Now that the hair has been secured with bobby pins, remove the scrunchy from the rest of your hair, allowing it to fall over where the braided/twisted hair has been pulled from and pinned to. Once your hair is down, you should look as though your hair has a headband that’s the color and texture of your own hair!

By: DeAnna Ramos

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