Campus Runway: Fierce Footwear

The sun in the summer keeps on getting hotter and so do the fashion trends. When looking like a million bucks, you can’t forget about the most important wardrobe accessory: shoes! What better way to showcase your fresh pedicures than rocking the hottest shoes all summer? With these shoe tips in mind, your little piggies will look fierce.

Tennis Shoes

Day: We’re singin’ the blues, baby. This summer, bright and baby blue shoes are in. Nike carries a variety of tennis shoes that your feet will just sink into. If blue isn’t your color, any neon sneaker will keep your feet looking just fabulous.

Night: Wedge sneakers. Yes, you heard right. They may seem a little weird at first, but they’re all the latest rage. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant both have them in their collections. Celebs like Miranda Kerr and Ciara have been spotted wearing them with casual jeans and T-shirts, while others like Kate Bosworth dress them up for a more glam look.

Day: When the weather is scorching hot, there is nothing better than freeing your feet from those miserable socks and letting the air out. Hate ‘em or love ‘em, gladiator sandals are back in this summer. If you’re into bold colors, you’re just in luck. Colors are right on the money this season. Make sure to keep the rest of your look simple when sporting anything bright from the knees down.

Night: How do you “wow” them all when you’re out on the town? Wear metallic sandals, of course! Your feet will shine just as much as you do.


Day: Call us the shoe whisperers because we guarantee that anyone will look good in printed wedges. Wedges with designs can be found practically anywhere right now. Wear them with a simple bikini or a day dress.

Night: When it comes to feet, we don’t play it safe. Similar to prints, rock the flower power look. Flower designed wedges are great to pair with a black dress for a dinner date or a night out.


Day: Colorful heels are perfect for the daytime. Do you see a pattern here, ladies? Bold heels will add a pop of color to any outfit. Let your pretty pedis stand out by making sure they have an open toe.

Night: This weather is sultry, and your heels should be, too. Never underestimate the power of a red heel. Wear a pair of red stilettos, and you’ll literally have to push the guys away.

We’re crazy for fashionable footwear, and with these great styles, who wouldn’t be? Whether you’re rocking a day or nighttime look, you can’t go wrong with any of these sexy shoes.

By: Kelsey Ray | Images: Pinterest, Weheartit

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