Campus Runway: How to Wear Floral

When it comes to fashion, there will always be timeless pieces such as a little black dress and set of your mother’s pearls. However, there are other fashion trends that have managed to remain ageless, one being floral prints. No matter your age or body type, you’ll not only look wonderful in this popular summertime print, but also feel a sense of youthfulness. With the bountiful pattern popping up on dresses, bags, cardigans, scarves and even shoes, it’s easy to get a little carried away and wind up looking like you fell into a bed of flowers. Just remember that moderation is always key, and with some helpful tips you’ll learn how to wear floral the right way and be in full bloom! Here are a few things you should always keep in consideration when going the flowered pattern route.

Print Placement

Location, location, location! We’ve all heard that line before, and believe it or not it’s a universal law that can be applied in the fashion world, especially when it comes to wild prints like floral. Pattern layout or placement can make a big difference in your overall look depending on your body type no matter if it’s for a dress or cardigan. If you’re busty avoid dresses and blouses where there is heavy concentration up top. If you’re bottom heavy avoid heavy concentration around hips and thighs. For those of you who are conscious about your midsection, go for an all-over print to minimize the look. This Floral Palate Dress from Modcloth features an asymmetric floral print that is ideal and flattering for all body shapes.

Print Size

Cute sayings like “size matters” and “go big or go home” are some rules you can break based on your preference when it comes to floral prints. Too big of a print and you might look swallowed up, but too small of a print could possibly make you look larger than you actually are. This may take a little bit of playing around, but you’ll get there. If you’re going for a larger print, no matter your size, go for one that is done sparingly for the best results. Check out this Tall Iris Playsuit from Topshop!


Another choice dictated on preference is color; the perfect color can easily balance your wardrobe. To achieve this, try using the popular trend of color blocking. Essentially, color blocking is the combination of solid colors to create a more dramatic look. With floral prints, try color blocking with solids or even go for a floral print with geometric shapes. Prabal Gurung’s floral and color block dress does a nice job of applying this method.

As you can see, this technique not only balances out small floral prints, but also keeps your wardrobe from looking too busy. It can also accentuate your silhouette.

Now that you have these basics down, it’s time for you to embrace summery floral prints and plant your own fashionable garden!

By: Danielle Gosha | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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