3 Stylish DIY Projects for Your Summer Shorts

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Although summer temperatures are high, your college budget might not be. One way to keep up with the trends during the summer without spending tons of money on a new wardrobe is to revamp old pieces of clothing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to convert an old pairs of pants into a trendy pair of shorts. 

Start off my rummaging through your old wardrobe for a pair of outdated pants that you probably have not worn since high school. You can either put them on and mark with a pen how short you want to cut them, or you can match a pair of shorts to your pants to compare lengths. Once you’ve figured out how short you want them, find a sharp pair of scissors and cut. 

Now that the boring part is over, it’s time to get creative. There are several ways to give your new shorts a makeover.

If you want distressed shorts you can create that look by rubbing sandpaper on the jeans to wear down the fabric. This creates a frayed worn look on the jeans in an instant instead of waiting months to develop the look.

If you’re nostalgic for the acid look from decades past you can mix a combination of water and bleach in a spray bottle and use that to bleach your jeans.

Studs and Patches: 
Another cool thing that you can to is add studs to the pockets or around the edges of your shorts. You can make several unique designs with these studs to create a one of a kind look. Not to mention you can also buy iron-on patches to customize your new shorts.

Once you’re done creating a new pair of jeans, on-lookers will never know that your trendy summer shorts were once old pants collecting dust in your closet. Next time you have a few hours to spare and you’re in need of a cheap wardrobe update, get inspired and let your creative juices flow.

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