3 Summer Nail Designs You Should Try

Spring has certainly come with some major trends, so there is at least one that every girl would love enough to try. From floral prints, metallics, art deco and even color blocking, the fashion world has you set and the beauty world is taking their cues from it. Even beauty bloggers are getting in on the hype, and now you can too with these fashion-forward trend-based nail do-it-yourselves.

Trend: Color Blocking

Color blocking is one of the big things this season, and it’s certain from the bevy of color variations it offers!

BeanCakes is a blog where you can find a great tutorial on how to do this color blocked inspired look. This particular look is done with three colors, which are more reminiscent of fall, but after you learn the quick-and-easy process of getting this look, you can easily experiment with three or four colors that can be a bit brighter and bolder!

Trend: Pastels

Sure you can simply paint your whole nail one color, but I really love the monochromatic ombre effect as it’s really simple. Start with your thumb, painting it the darkest shade and continue on to the rest of your fingers, changing polish each nail until your pink nail is done in the lightest shade. It is super easy and equally effective.

But if you really want to wow your friends, here’s taking the ombre effect with pastels one step further with the help of Nail Art 101.

Trend: Floral

It’s spring, so of course floral is a trend to be seen, and now you can take the blossoming print from your dresses and rompers to your nails.

If you don’t have the patience or steady hand to do this, you can always go to your local beauty store and pick up some nail stickers for a reasonable price.

There are, of course, plenty more amazing and creative nail tutorials out there courtesy of fashionable bloggers, so be sure to look! But until then, happy trending and nail DIY-ing!

By: Danielle Gosha | Images: Pinterest, BeanCakes, Nail Art 101, DIY Nails

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