How to Style Your Hair On a Rainy Day

April showers bring May flowers, or so goes the saying, but what it doesn’t mention is the fact that April’s rainy days are a sure way to ruin a perfectly good “do.” Every girl has a bad hair day once in awhile, but don’t let an inevitable rainy day get both you and your hair down. Here are some great tips and tricks you can use to ward off rain ruined hair no matter your hair type, length or style.

For Long Hair: Brave the Rain with Braids

No matter what kind of hair you have, a braid here or there can easily transform your hair from boring to chic, and it’s no different rain or shine. Braids are a great way to keep your hair all together on a windy, rainy day, not to mention such tight coifs can easily withstand a couple of drops of rain when your umbrella isn’t enough shelter. To keep this look from being too formal on a regular day, try leaving a couple of fly-a-ways around your face to give a more casual look.

For Medium Hair: Pin and Bear It

If you have the kind of hair that frizzes the minute rain gets to it and it’s just a bit too short to pull back into a satisfactory ponytail, try hair clips and bobby pins. Try clipping the sides of your hair back from your face; this may take more than one or two clips. By doing this, even if your hair does take a turn for the worst, at least you won’t exactly look like you stuck your finger in the electric socket. For medium hair with a fringe, either pin your fringe back into the rest of your hair or sweep them to the side and tuck them in place. To accessorize this look even more, try using fun hair clips like a bow or even a headband. For even more frizz control, try a wider headband.

For Short Hair: Wave the Rain Away

Even the shortest hair can face some adversities when it comes to the rain, but less hair doesn’t mean fewer options. Sure you can add a clip or two and call it a day, but that’s boring, and who needs a dull hairstyle making you even sleepier than the rain? Curls are a sure way to end on a flat note on a rainy day, so instead go for waves. A slight bump in your short locks can be easily achieved through using a curling iron or even with a wavy hair serum. To style it go for more of a side part, as an uneven distribution of hair won’t be ruined by the wind as much as an evenly parted hairstyle would.

To keep these styles looking even better throughout the day, try these two great anti-frizz, holding products.

TRESemme Tres Spray Super Hold

The first time I ever used TRES Spray Super Hold, it was of course a rainy day, and my hair had been ruined before I’d even gotten to my first class yet! In short I looked like a drowned puppy, but luckily for me, my school store had this great super hold spray on hand, so I bought it. With the help of a brush and a few sprays, I was looking better than before. The best thing about the TRESemme TRES Spray is not only does it work, but it comes in a travel size bottle, which makes carrying it hassle free.

Aussie Aussie Sydney Smooth 12 Hour Anti-Humidity Hair Spray

If you have curly or wavy hair and are always in fear of the rain, this is a great product to protect against both rainy and humid days. Aussie Sydney Smooth has the power to keep frizz down, but it’s gentle enough to keep your curls looking bouncy and flexible. Get the Aussie Sydney Smooth 12 Hour Anti-Humidity Hair Spray on Amazon!

By: Danielle Gosha | Images: Pinterest

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