Fashion Lessons From The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games movie has made a huge splash on pop-culture since it opened last weekend, and broke box office records. For lovers of the novel, it was a great visual telling of a familiar story. Even though there’s been debate about what aspects of the story were changed in the transition from novel to screen, (Don’t worry, no spoilers here!) one thing most people can agree on is that there wasn’t enough fashion.

In the Hunger Games universe, citizens of the Capitol indulge in extravagant and excessive fashion choices, and the brief glimpses we saw in the movie were divine. Even though we didn’t get to see the fashion choices of very many of the characters, there were definitely some fashion lessons that can be translated to real life in boring old 2012.

1. Make a statement
The first time Effie Trinket appears on screen she makes a statement. With her huge wig and sky high-heels, you can’t help but look at her striking outfit. While huge wigs might be too much for the average college girl to maintain, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a statement with your outfits. Find a signature piece of jewelry that makes you recognizable or incorporate one new statement piece into each outfit.

2. Experiment
Seneca Crane’s beard is such a standout part of the movie that it’s almost its own character. The strange twists and turns of hair, artfully crafted along his jaw line are an apt metaphor for the daring fashion choices that Capitol citizens make. While I wouldn’t suggest growing a beard, you should definitely try to experiment with your usual look. Try a new hairdo, a new color palette of makeup or even dip you toes into a new fashion genre entirely! Fashion is always evolving, and your personal style should too.

3. Color is your friend
One of the best parts of Capitol fashion is the way that the citizens embrace color. From dyeing their skin various shades of blue to huge purple wigs, in the Capitol, color is a girls’ best friend. Embrace color in your own wardrobe by gradually introducing non-traditional hues into your look. Always wear red lipstick? Try purple or orange the next time you go out. Get a green streak in your hair. Abandon your nude heels for floral peep-toes. There are tons of ways to incorporate a little more color into your life.

4. Remember your nails
In the Capitol, the manicures are extreme. Don’t get left behind with boring nails. Experiment with nail stencils, nail art or some other kind of decoration. Nail art designs are very on trend right now, so look for tutorials online that will show you how to express your mood with your nails. If you don’t know where to start, check out the official Hunger Games line of polishes from China Glaze

If you haven’t had a chance to see The Hunger Games go see it soon. There’s no better way to get a handle on what fashion might look like in the future!

By: Cate Young | Source, Source

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