Why You Should Explore Local Shops Near Your Campus

Instead of going to a big chain grocery store next time you’re running low on food or heading straight to the mall for your next shopping trip, try shopping at one of the local independently owned businesses within your community.

While exploring a local boutique you’re more apt to find the little treasures that big retail stores don’t produce. Local art festivals are a great place to scoop up interesting little trinkets that not everyone is sporting for the season. Many items that artists produce are one of a kind -- so yours is truly unique.

Not only can you shop for items locally but buying locally grown food is beneficial as well. By purchasing foods produced within the community you get to have face to face contact with those people growing the things you’re consuming (as opposed to the face to face contact you get with a drive-thru attendant during your 3 a.m. McDonald’s run). This allows you to better educate yourself on where your food is coming from -- especially if your New Year’s resolution is to get healthy.

Most people don’t realize this, but locally grown foods offer great benefits. For example, by integrating local raw honey into your diet a few months before allergy season you can reduce the effects of harsh spring allergies. This is because the same pollen that is irritating your allergies is carried by the bees and gets into the honey. When you consume it, it acts as an immune system booster.

Next time your food cravings kick in or you have the impulse to shop, try going to a locally owned businesses to satisfy those urges. Take a break from your normal college routine and engage in something new. In the end, you’ll leave with a different perspective and quite possibly some cool one of a kind items to show off!

By: Jamie Wilson | Image Source

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