UW's Fashion Mag Introduces the World of Fashion Blogging

University of Wisconsin fashion magazine, MODA, dubbed the week of March 19 Madison Fashion Week and celebrated by bringing in some of the Midwest’s best-dressed fashion bloggers to share tips on getting started with a personal blog.

The panel included bloggers from southern Wisconsin, Indiana and the Windy City.

“You need to be a storyteller,” said What I Wore blogger Jessica Quirk. “Your blog doesn’t need to be about what’s happening at fashion week. Blogging is almost like a resume in and of itself; you can show it to employers. It’s something you can be proud and passionate about.”

Quirk said she began by showing an interest in photography and taking pictures of her daily outfits while working in New York City. Four years later, after a relocation to Bloomington, Indiana, Quirk’s blog is now her career.

A highlight of the panel was Chicago’s Style Block blog. After working together at, an online designer consignment store, five girls decided to share everything fashion, food and fun about Chicago life.

“We took work and made it into something fun,” said Corri McFadden, eDrop-Off owner and Style Block writer.

“The great thing about blogging is that you can start now,” Style Block writer Chelsea Lanvin said. “If it’s interesting people are going to pick up on that. If you want to talk about fashion, blogging is where you need to start.”

The girls from Style Block have opportunities coming at them from all directions from sponsorships to reality TV shows.

“The key to making a blog into a successful passion is consistency and gaining a loyal readership,” McFadden said. “Use your opportunities to network. It’s all about connections. Always direct people back to your blog. Be your own brand.”

For many up-and-coming fashionistas, getting your start in the journalism world is the most widely chosen path.

Style Block contributor Erin Brennan said magazines, media and blogs complement each other.

“Blogging is just getting your feet wet,” Brennan said.

“A blog is essentially a journal, whether it’s giving advice or inspiration,” McFadden added. “You can take it in any direction you want.”

By: Jourdan Miller | Image: Weheartit

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  1. Have you guys seen House of Consignment?? Corrie MacFadden is the start of the show!!! Check it out. Great article by the way!


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