How to Avoid Being a Green Fashion Faux Pas on St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, everyone knows that the tradition is to wear green, which always leads to many girls scrambling to find their greenest outfit to sport throughout the day to avoid the dreaded pinch. However, it’s usually these same girls who end up being a walking green fashion faux pas. You might not want to get pinched by your friends and co-workers for not wearing green, but you don’t want to be pinched by the fashion police for overdoing it in the green department either! But never fear, there are plenty of ways to appease the pinchers and make the fashion gods green with envy.

Use green as an accent:
Just like with everything else in the world, a little bit goes a long way. Or in this case, a little green goes a long way!

In this ensemble, you can see the perfect balance of using green as an accent. If your dress is two-toned, try pairing it with two-toned or even tri-toned shoes such as these fun studded heels and a solid colored bag or purse. For jewelry, keep it to a minimal. To keep from overwhelming the cut of a V-neck top, try a simple string of pearls to finish up the look. With a pop of color here and there, green is still your focal point without it being too loud. Pair the color up with complimentary colors such as blue or orange. Avoid pairing it with another shade of green or red, it’s St. Patrick’s Day so you don’t want to look like Christmas! If your green is dark, try a complimentary color of a lighter shade to pair with it, but if it’s lighter make sure your complimentary color is of the same lightness or darker.

Dress it up:
Put your green front and center by making your top half where all your green goes. T-shirts, button downs and tunics are the best choices for this style.
For this selection, here is a simple green plaid button down that is paired with light blue denim. As stated before, if you go dark on top, go light on bottom to keep a balance within your ensemble. For jewelry, a simple cuff bracelet can do wonders to tie the entire look together. If your top is a dark shade of green, try going for a bright gold or neutral bracelet such as this lovely stone and diamond bracelet. Finish your outfit off with a pair of stylish flats, in neutral of course, and a matching side bag, and you’re all set.

Dress it down:
This is a perfect option for the shoe loving girl as well as the girl who doesn’t quite think green is her color. If this is you, then there’s a simple solution. Instead of dressing it up, dress it down by focusing your green to just your accessories.
If you want all your attention on these perfect wardrobe additions, the key is to wear neutral colors. If you want to add color to your wardrobe, try lighter colors such as powder blue and ivory rose. To keep the look from appearing too froufrou, avoid outfits with lace and ruffle trims. Since your clothes are fairly simple, feel free to go a little bit crazy when picking out your accessories like these eyelet peep-toe flats. Though all your greens don’t have to match exactly, try to stay in the same range of each other by one or two shades of difference.

Play with prints:
Show a bit of your green thumb by trying floral prints or your fun side by incorporating stripes and polka dots into your wardrobe.
When accessorizing, take cues from the colors in the print. For example, with a floral print like this one, pinks, blues and tan’s are the best colors to make a pair. A simple neutral bag would be more than plenty to bring out this light feminine dress. Whenever there is a busy print, it’s best to try to stay on the neutral side of things as to not overdo it. If you want to add a pop of color, the best place to do this is in the jewelry department. Scoop necklines are both sexy and conservative, so a long necklace is always a great addition.

Now that you have been armed with these simple tips, you can easily avoid any fashion faux pas on St. Patrick’s Day and any other day you decide to wear green.

By: Danielle Gosha | Source: Weheartit, Polyvore

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  1. Nice post, lot of designer kids clothes available that comes along with a wide variety of accessories and items. Women love to carry matching accessories with their dresses.

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