Fashion Favorites: 3 Spring Trends To Try

Each season, the fashion world comes out with new and super cute fashion trends… but how do you know which ones are perfect for college women? Here are a couple of our favorite new spring styles based on variability, comfort, and simplicity.

The Spring Scarf

Scarves are a fashion favorite. You can literally wear them with anything! You can dress them up or down, make them chic or mellow, preppy or grunge. To create a spring look, get a soft color (like light blue or olive green) and make sure the material is light.

Coral Orange

There are so many trendy spring apparel colors like teal, muted yellow, and soft pink. My personal favorite is this coral orange color. It creates an eye-popping look and adds color and a glow to all skin types!

Tail Hems

Tail hems are so cute and so fashion forward! “Tail hem”, means long in the back, short in the front. This look works on skirts and dresses, for a fun yet sophisticated look. It also works like this: short on one side long on the other. Comfortable yet beautiful.

By: Emmi MacIntyre | Image: Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

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