Apartment Rules: Don't Overstay Your Welcome

Maybe the slight push out the door, the chain on the refrigerator, or the changed locks on the windows and doors weren’t enough of a hint; you have overstayed your welcome! Everyone enjoys a little company now and then, but there are times when people need their personal space. It can be hard to kick someone out of the house; however, sometimes it is necessary. It’s also important for the visitor to know when they have gone from the nice company to the nasty complaint.

Last week, a friend of mine vented about having an annoying house guest. It’s one thing to crash at someones house after a late night or two of partying, but more than twice a week (and I’m being lenient by saying twice) is just plain unacceptable. “But she’s my best friend, she doesn’t mind,” I’ve heard plenty of girls say this and then I turn around and ask the best friend, only to see panicked eyes and a slight shake of the head that really says, “I do mind.”

We love our friends, but sometimes we need to give them, and their roommates, some space. Think about calling first before heading over to a friend’s house. Once you have been there for an hour, make sure they don’t have other plans that you may be hindering them from. Better yet, ask your friend to visit you at your house instead of crashing at her house all the time.

Also keep in mind the golden rule: do to your best friend’s house what you would want them to do to yours. In other words, just because the fridge is full doesn’t mean the food is for you. Learn to respect the rules of your friend’s home just like you would expect them to do the same in your home.

It’s also important to know it’s not always the guest’s fault. Don’t assume someone knows what is appropriate and what is not. When a guest comes into your home, let them know the rules and expectations beforehand. For example, my roommate and I make everyone take off their shoes before entering the house. We always make sure to tell our guests and even show them by taking off our shoes as well.

Last but not least, be courteous to your roommate. Your roommate doesn’t love your friends as much as you do. Keep in mind how late and how often your friends come over, as well as the noise level. It’s the little things that can upset people, especially in their own home. If you are unhappy with the guests in your house, speak up! The best solution to this problem is to speak up and let the other person know how you feel.

By: Olivia Lewis | Image: Source

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