You Scored the Internship! Now What?

The new semester is here (or quickly approaching!) and you just landed your dream internship. Congratulations!

Internships can open doors for future career options, give you plenty of chances to network and get your name out there, and help you gain valuable firsthand experience in the field.

Based on my experiences as a former and current intern, I've put together a list of some questions you should answer now to prepare for your first day, final day and every day in between.

  • Where exactly are you interning? OK, so of course by now you should probably know what company (or business) you are going to be an intern for. And yes, you probably know where it is geographically-speaking. But what about the values of the company? What about its mission statement and goals? Do you know who's in charge? Take some time to research the company or business a bit and get to know it as well as you can so you can be as informed as possible.
  • What is expected of you? You should establish early on what your specific responsibilities will be as an intern. In general, a good intern is one who comes prepared and is eager and willing to work, doing whatever is needed. You should have the attitude that no task is too big or too small. Stay organized and professional, and be friendly to your peers.
  • Where do you park? Knowing the answer to this seemingly simple question is important because searching for a parking spot can often take up more time than you anticipated, which can make you late. A good rule of thumb is to always give yourself some extra time (about 15 minutes) for the unknown. If you make a habit out of coming in late and looking disheveled, you won't be leaving the best impression on your mentors and co-workers.
  • What will you eat for lunch? You may be surrounded by fast food, fancy bistros, cutesy diners, cafeteria options in the building, or maybe nothing at all. Plan accordingly so you don't end up either hungry or spending all your money on unhealthy or expensive options. Alternate days by eating a packed lunch in the fresh air one day and then checking out that little bistro the next. Also, carrying small, healthy snacks in your bag is a smart idea to keep your energy up and a growling stomach down before and after your lunch break.
  • What will you wear? Of course your fashion choices have a huge impact on how you are perceived during your internship. The dress code for each place is a little different, so it will be important to get a feel for this as early as possible. If you had an interview already, try to recall what the overall look was in the office (or building or room). If you have no idea, your best bet for your first day is to stick with a fairly conservative ensemble infused with a small dose of something that stands out.
With the help of Polyvore, I've put together some examples of how you can dress your professional best, whether it's in a way that's conservative, chic or conservative-chic.
A black-and-white striped top is strikingly simple, perfect to tuck into a bold blue pencil skirt. Err on the conservative side with a plain black blazer, or go chic with a cropped sequin jacket. Patent leather pumps add just enough high shine while suede wedges are subtly edgy.

Start with: Striped top: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen ($90), Pencil skirt: TopShop ($59)
Conservative: Blazer: TopShop ($62), Pearls: J. Crew ($98), Nude pumps: Nine West ($79)
Chic: Bib Necklace: 1928 Jewelry ($60), Sequin blazer: Dorothy Perkins ($59), 
Wedges: Steve Madden ($99.95)
On days when you don't have much time to get ready, throw on an easy dress (with tights if it's chilly out). Pair with a bag that can hold all your intern essentials, and slip on funky flats or pretty pumps in an exotic animal print.

Conservative: Brown bag: DSW ($39.94), Belted dress: TopShop ($60), 
Leopard flats: Steve Madden ($89.95)
Chic: Black tote: Dorothy Perkins ($49), Dress: Dorothy Perkins ($79), Velvet leopard pumps: Charlotte Russe ($34.50)
Red pants, while they may seem hard to pull off, can be paired with cream and black for a look that's pulled together. Add simple pearl jewelry and you're good to go. A red blazer adds interest to an embellished tank, and what could be more chic than glittery platform pumps?

Conservative: Ruffle blouse: We Like Fashion ($73), Red pants: Oasis ($50), Pearl studs: J. Crew ($50), Pearl bracelet set: JC Penney ($35.99), Black bow T-strap pumps: ModCloth ($34.99)
Chic: Red blazer: Warehouse ($56), Embellished top: TopShop ($84), Earrings: Max & Chloe ($45) High-waisted black pants: Warehouse ($40), Glitter heels: ModCloth ($34.99)

Being the new intern can seem daunting and unnerving, but with a dose of confidence and a few chic and conservative pieces in your wardrobe, you'll be able to conquer anything.

Good luck!

By: Anna Harms | Images: Weheartit, Polyvore

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