The Weekender: 7 Ways to Turn Down a Date

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Should you be concerned about finding "the one"?

7 ways to turn down a date nicely

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Dear College Gloss,

    This is an open letter. I wanted to tell you exactly what I think of your site, and I hope that one of your writers/ editor/ pr people/ workers reads this and maybe even responds to me via this comment box! Firstly, I love the site. It has really good articles and the writers are obviously excellent! I love the way you always have such a variety of topics on the site it really is awesome.

    However, I wish you had polls and newsletters that way I could come and see what new things you have. I would want polls because LOL I like polls! and i would want a newsletter because i find those super useful in my busy life!! Actually that is a pretty big point of mine, i really wish that college gloss had a weekly email newsletter! I am very into newsletters, whenever sites that I am into send me a newsletter i lick on the links and go to check out the popular posts. i realize im prattling on about newsletters which is ridiculous, but i love this site so much and i want to help grow it! i am studying marketing right now so that is why i'm spilling out all of my thoughts! LOL :) bottom line, newsletters would really make me a very happy camper, and i've talked to my friends who read the site....they want newsletters too!

    Also, I love the way you are always changing your look it is cool. bottom line, this is an awesome site that could only be improved by the addition of polls and newsletters!!

    keep up the great work and hope to get a response in the comment box!!!!


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  3. Hi!

    I just wanted to say that I agree with anon, a CG newsletter would be really good. Whenever I get the Her Campus newsletter I always click on it....CG and GC are my favorite sites, but sometimes I go on HC more often b/c I get the newsletter in my inbo and because HC always has twitter updates!!


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