He's Reading Your Girly Magazines

Standing in line at the grocery store, or passing a vendor on the street, girls may peruse the magazine stack and grab a last minute purchase of Cosmopolitan Magazine. But when you bring it home to read a few days later you can’t find it. Surprise, surprise, it’s in the bathroom attached to your boyfriend’s hands. That’s right, boys read Cosmo just as much as you do. I didn’t believe it myself, until I started to ask around and a lot of guys will admit they read Cosmo too.

Why do they do it? Even though some men like to deflect and say they are only reading it to look at the pictures of hot girls on the cover and the few spreads inside, Cosmo is known as the “Women’s Bible” to the social world. Every trick, every rule, and every secret is inscribed onto the pages and men are curious to know what makes women tick. Catchy and eye-awakening articles that explain the newest fashion trends to the perfect way to seduce your man in bed, Cosmo has it all.

Hampton University senior Cedric Rainey admits he reads Cosmo, or the “Women’s Playbook,” whenever he can get his hands on one. It’s actually a cheat sheet for guys. Girly magazines give them the ins and outs of the female mind. Guys want to know what to say and what not to say, what women like in bed, what women expect from their man, as well as gift ideas.

“You gotta read the women’s playbook,” Rainey said. “I used to learn the smallest and simplest things. I used to read bad dating stories and I learned the do’s and don’ts of dating.”

Some men read it specifically for the sex tips. We have all seen the scandalous headlines on the front cover inviting you to a new world of kinky sex for you and your man.

Dominique Byse, also a senior at Hampton University, said “It’s just good sex.”

He reads Cosmo to stay up to date on the latest trends and new ways to please the leading lady in his life.

“It’s not that I don’t already know how, but I can always learn something new,” Byse said.

Cosmo even hires men to get the male perspective for its female readers. With the growing population of male readers, Cosmo introduced its own app for iPhone users in 2011 called CFG, Cosmo For Guys.

If your man suddenly starts giving compliments on your style, he may be reading Cosmo. If your boyfriend suddenly learns new tricks in the sheets, he could be reading Cosmo. If your boy toy suddenly wants to go out on amazing dates, he may be reading Cosmo. So don’t be surprised if you catch your man taking a peek, he’s just trying to make you happy and get to know you better.

By: Olivia Lewis | Image: Source

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