A New Band to Keep Your Eye On: The Joy Formidable

For decades, the Brits have been crossing the pond and introducing new styles of music. Punk, rock and dubstep are all styles of music that our culture embraces, all thanks to the United Kingdom! One band that is rising to the top is the Welsh rock trio, The Joy Formidable. Their latest rise to fame would be opening for the Foo Fighters, and being on the Twilight "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack. Ritzy Bryan, the female lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, has a soft, lovely Welsh accent, but when she sings, she owns the stage, and has this ever-powerful voice.

Their most famous song that is being played on the radios is “Whirring”, and the ever-so-catchy “Austere.” I had the pleasure of seeing them last week in Vermont and the energy that they have makes you want to get up and dance! The band had a massive gong on the stage and during the performance Ritzy went over a banged the gong over and over. Their music is filled with many different instruments and is really a great new band to keep your eye out for. Their album “The Big Roar” is available in stores and on iTunes. They are now beginning to work on their second album and planning a world tour.

Want more? Check out The Joy Formidable here.

By: Brooke Stuart | Image: Source

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