Finding the Perfect Makeup Brand for You

There are millions of different makeup brands promising you all the same things: the "greatest" foundation, "best" cover-up, and rosy red cheeks. But which brands are really the best to use? This decision all depends on your preference and whether you want to spend a pretty penny for your makeup or not.

Here are a few items and brands that are worth every cent.

Make Up Forever
This concealer is one of the best out there. It covers up any mark or blemish you make have and blends well with your skin. It also stays true to its name as it stays on for a very long time and is waterproof.

Their lip gloss is a little pricey but totally worth every penny. My favorite shade is “Turkish Delight” and it honestly is the best gloss and goes with every lipstick or makeup look. It is also a Kardashian favorite.

Bobbi Brown
Bobbi’s mascara is a really great must have in any makeup bag. It makes your eyes pop and adds length to your lashes. It also does not clump at all which is great and is long lasting.

Starting with just these three phenomenal brands can help in your search for the perfect makeup brand. Also looking at your favorite celebrities’ makeup routine and searching YouTube can help you find your perfect look and great brands to use. You can also visit your local Sephora or Ulta and tell them what you’re looking for or whose makeup inspires you they can help you with your quest!

By: Brianna Cephas | Images: Tumblr, Sephora

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