5 Cute Gifts for Under $10

Holiday shopping is a big task. With friends, family and siblings to shop for it can be hard to keep to a budget, especially during college. Worry no more! College Gloss is sharing the 5 cutest gifts on the market you CAN afford to get your closest pals this holiday season!

A mug makes a great gift during hot cocoa season! Why not give your friends an undeniably adorable Momiji & Hello Kitty mug? This white mug features a cute Momiji doll with Hello Kitty accessories. The sweet mug will make you friend enjoy her morning cup of tea or coffee ten times more.

This pretty bubble bar makes for a spoil-me day of deluxe relaxation…..ahh, the perfect gift already! Yes, pamper your friends with a gorgeous bubble bar from Lush this holiday season. The bar has a sweet floral and vanilla fragrance. It gets better: the bar slowly melts in the bath releasing surprise cubes of cocoa butter for moisture! This bubble bar makes a great gift for the friend who is loves feeling fabulous.

Starbucks Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix - $6.49
Give the gift of pure delight….give your friends Starbucks Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix this holiday season! This silky hot cocoa indulgence mingles powerful dark chocolate with a quiver of energizing peppermint for a sugary and unexpected hot cocoa twist! Your friends will love being able to spoil themselves with a sweet treat right from their very own kitchens! This gift is guaranteed to please everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Bella Il Fiore Travel Hand Cream - $8
Enchant your girly friend with feminine Bella Il Fiore travel hand cream. This deluxe cream comes in two flavors: “almond coconut” and “honeysuckle grape fruit”. This rich, creamy lotion leaves hands soft and smooth, but it gets better: the perfumed scent completes any outfit! Plus, the pretty packaging is sure to win you bonus points on the presentation front!

Keep Calm & Have a Cupcake Journal - $8.99
Notebooks are one thing a girl can never have enough of. From taking down comments in class, to keeping a journal, this gift is a true classic! Upgrade your friend’s notebook collection this holiday season with a light pink “Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake” book. This is one of the cutest note pads on the market, and the even cuter phrase is sure to be a winner!

…And there you have it: 5 gorgeous gifts for $10 and under! Giving on a financial plan can be hard, but holiday shopping can be done easily, even when your money max is but a couple of bills! The trick is to not buy the biggest gift, but to buy the best gift within your budget.

By: Annie Robinson | Image: Weheartit

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  1. Loving these ideas, that hot cocoa looks sooo perfect, and i cannot believe that it is at such an amazing price! Wow.

  2. Lush creamy bubble bar is really an awesome choice as a gift...I was quite worried regarding the budget issues in gifts before I visited this helpful effort..

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