"Wrap It Up" This Holiday Season

It’s officially the holiday season and gift giving is a major component of that. However, be careful of the gifts that you give this season. And yes, I mean that in a sexually suggestive way. Fall and winter or, “cuffing season,” as we like to call it at Hampton University, is the time for couples to cuddle up and spend time with each other. Have caution, there is nothing wrong with spending time with your boy in an extra romantic way, but just like his Christmas present, make sure you wrap it up!

It doesn’t matter if the two of you are committed and faithful to each other, use condoms! It doesn’t matter if you are on birth control, use condoms! And it doesn’t matter if it “feels better without it,” use condoms! Birth control is not the same thing as a condom; you can still catch a disease. Whatever excuses your boyfriend has to go without a condom, I can give you ten reasons to reject it. If the guy is really pressing the issue, then you probably shouldn’t be having sex with him anyway. Just like a woman, a man should know the importance of using condoms and want to protect himself.

Rodale reported that 53% of young adults in the United States are having unprotected sex. Having unprotected sex makes you more likely to succumb to sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis and AIDS. Is going without a condom worth the risk? I think not. If you are responsible enough to have sex, be responsible enough to know the risks that you are taking and how to prevent them.

Sex is not something that should be taken half-heartedly; it’s a serious matter. When you feel that you are ready, hopefully you and your guy discuss having sex before it happens. But if you haven’t talked, to prevent a, “it was spur of the moment and neither of us had one,” incident, I suggest that you keep some of your own. There are many different kinds of condoms, but any kind is better than none. Female condoms, flavored condoms, regular condoms – just pick one and use it!

While giving gifts this holiday season, remember to put your health first and wrap up the gifts! Don’t waste a few moments of pleasure for a lifetime of unhappiness because you were too embarrassed or scared to tell your guy to wrap it up. If you need help on how to approach your guy about wearing one, or if you have questions in general, Avert has all the information you need. Just remember, use caution when gift giving this holiday season!

By Olivia Lewis Image: Weheartit

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  1. I'm all for not-getting-diseases-or-getting-pregnant, but I don't think the issue is quite so black-and-white. If someone is in a serious and monogamous relationship, and both partners trust each other enough to feel confident that no one has STIs (or, better yet, if they get tested together), and the girl is on the pill, is a condom necessary? I would argue no.
    Then again, you shouldn't be having sex at all, because you will get pregnant and die.

  2. don't forget cold sores also spread herpes. if you know what i mean..


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