Dark Red Lips: Not Just for Vampires

The colors of the season don’t have to reflect what color you put on your lips, but this new wave of lip color has even the wariest of critics loving this shade. Scarlet red lipstick is in and better than ever. Of course you may feel this color is just for those vampires, but luckily this shade is also for the warm-blooded critter.

There are many wonderful brands for this crazy color and it looks good with almost everything. Try matching your lips with a nude-colored outfit, on the go to a coffee date or dress it up and be a wild child at a party. Whatever way you rock it, just know it is one of the coolest and trendiest makeup looks this season.

Here are a few dark red/scarlet lip colors to try:

Manic Panic - $7.99

MAC (my personal favorite!) in MAC Red - $14.50

Pola Vivoke - in Dark Red - $23

By: Brianna Cephas | Images: Tumblr, Respective sites

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