Leather Boots: The Key to Your Fall Wardrobe

Now that it's getting cooler and fall is here, I find myself wearing my brown leather boots constantly. What I love so much about these boots is that they keep my feet warm and look great too! One thing that makes leather boots so appealing is that you can pair them with almost anything.

Here are some suggestions:

Skirts and dressesI like to add boots with a flowery sun dress and a sweater. It makes summertime dresses appear more warm-colored with heavy boots, and when you add a cardigan and/or tights, it’s a perfect match.

I usually wear long-sleeved shirts and a brightly-colored scarf with skinny jeans. I’ve always been a fan of this look and feel that the shirt styles may change, but the simple style of jeans, boots and a scarf will always be in fashion.

Another way I sport this combo is by wearing a pullover sweater, sometimes a little baggy, or one of those shirts where it’s more cropped in the front than in the back, along with my boots and skinny jeans. This is another great fall look.

Both of these simple styles scream fall fashion and are great for when the weather gets colder!

By: Brooke Stuart | Images: Weheartit, Polyvore (designed by Brooke Stuart), Tumblr

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