Hair Essentials: Shinier, Healthier Hair

Okay. This week we're going to go back to the very basics. Hair care. You may be looking at me like, seriously? I've been washing my hair since I was a baby. But just hear me out. Spending a few extra minutes touching up your hair can make it shinier, healthier, and look nicer!

Step one: Shower Necessities 

Use a shampoo and conditioner that's formulated for what your hair needs--and that can change throughout the year. If your scalp gets dry in the winter, aim for an anti-dandruff shampoo. But when summer hits and your hair is greasy, pick up a clarifying formula. Work with your hair here, not against it!

Deep conditioner is another huge tip I cannot stress enough. If you want healthier hair or just softer hair in general,  a deep conditioner will be your best friend. Try to find one without proteins, because they will cause build up and breakage. A protein-free formula will be gentler on your hair and really nourish it, like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.

Step two: Styling time

While your hair is still wet, regardless of your hair type, don't put it up in a regular towel. Towels can cause breakage and frizz. Real attractive, huh? Try to use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair a little faster if you don't want to let your hair completely air dry.

Also while your hair is still damp, run a serum or leave-in conditioner through it. Garnier, Aussie and Organix have great options. This will help fight frizzies and keep your hair shiny after it dries. Also, if you plan on using heat, this will help protect your hair from breakage.

Step Three: Add Heat

I recommend using a blow dryer or a flat iron or a curling iron. Only choose one! You don't want to heat style your hair too much or it will start to look like straw. If you want to curl or straighten your hair, let your hair air dry and use a heat protection serum. Or if you just want dry hair for class, use a blow dryer real quick. The less heat you can put on your hair, the better in the long run.

This sounds like babying your hair  . . . because it is! Hair is really fragile, so if you want longer, stronger, or healthier hair you need to really take good care of it. So you may spend a few extra minutes conditioning your hair or waiting for it to air dry now . . . but later it will look gorgeous!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of heat...too much causes damage, and heat protestants DO NOT protect the hair 100%. You can do it, just don't make a habit out of it.

    Although I agree with the leave-in/serum thing. A lot of people with frizzy hair make the mistake of putting that in when their hair is dry...BIG MISTAKE. I'm used to having bone straight hair until around 4th grade, my hair turned wavy. And with that came frizz...I'll have to try actually putting product in my hair.

    Could you do a post on curly hair or frizzy hair. I would LUV that, thank-you!


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