Drake's New Album: "Take Care"

Drake’s highly anticipated new album “Take Care” hit stores earlier this month and I made sure to stop by my local Target before class to pick up a copy. One word: obsessed.

I honestly cannot remember when was the last time I purchased an actual CD, it's been years, almost an entire decade. But for this album I made the exception.

Drake beautifully portrays his feelings through the lyrics of every single track. He effortlessly flows through thought-provoking lyrics transforming the album into a listening experience.

From more upbeat tempos to songs to nod your head to, the overall choice of musical vibe really flows from one track to the next.

The tracks I have been enjoying the most are "Headlines" and "Take Care."

"Headlines" is fierce, to say the least. This track is hot, there is no doubt about it and Drake really is making headlines with this one. His lyrical confidence in this song is striking and really sets him apart form other artists.

"Take Care" features the ever-so-talented Rihanna. Her sweet-sounding vocals really bring the song together. Drake dwells on love, the loss of it and mistakes made along the way. This is definitely a song that many will be able to relate to.

If you're hesitant about getting the album, GET IT! I promise you will not be disappointed track after track Drake is sure wow you with his profound lyrics and memorable beats.

By: Jessica Estrada | Image: Weheartit, Source

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