The Best Deals for You: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s only natural that black Friday promotions and sales are being advertised like crazy right now. Everywhere you turn, or click, you see an ad or promo about getting a sneak peek of what will be on sale tomorrow.

But before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where the deals will be taken left and right, take into consideration some purchases that will benefit you and your wallet.

When it comes down to it, taxes and shipping fees (if buying online) are completely ridiculous. They jack up the initial price of an item and leave you feeling defeated. There goes that good deal. Fortunately, a lot of sellers, stores and businesses realize this and are offering a lot of free shipping opportunities and discounts/sales on favorite or popular items ahead of time.

My inbox is filled with sales, discount codes and offers that are sometimes tempting. The words “FREE SHIPPING!” or “40% OFF” scream in your face, making yourself wonder if this is an opportunity to purchase something for a small price.

Although stores are having a lot of great deals now, many will still wait out until Black Friday or Cyber Monday-- two of the biggest shopping days of the year. Who can resist?

Whether you’re looking for some clothes, accessories, shoes, electronics, furniture or other miscellaneous items, there’s got to be a deal sometime and somewhere. Cyber Monday and Black Friday are not necessarily the times for the absolute BEST deals, but sometimes they are. Occasionally, the best deals come after the two big days or after the holiday season.

I don’t know if Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday are the best days for apparel shopping, but there might be more savings this year, since the Internet has become the ultimate source for so much in today’s society. I’ve received emails from Banana Republic to Victoria’s Secret that are becoming a part of the shopping tradition.

If you plan on participating in theses two days, do some research before lining up at 3 a.m. at your favorite store, or if you’re in your home, sitting in front of your computer screen, be sure you’ve got some knowledge about what sites have the best bargain for you, as the consumer.

For Black Friday, look at multiple ads and see which store has the best offer. Personally, I usually go to a few places, not too many because of the insanity and long lines. Only go to the places you need to. Most of us like to avoid the craziness of this day.

Then, for Cyber Monday, where there are no lines, except for maybe a lag in Internet connection, do not buy unnecessary items that may be calling your name. Impulse buys are the worst, especially if you’re tight on money this year. The whole “FREE SHIPPING with $50 purchase” is tricky. And don’t forget promo codes! This may be the easiest way for you to get your shopping done, but don’t forget about classes (unless of course you have off…)

Seriously though, we are college students and not all of us have unlimited spending money. Think before you purchase! Do not overspend! The little things do matter and if you honestly cannot afford presents for all your family and friends, then small gifts can work.

Best wishes and try not to get trampled.

By: Laura Good | Images: Weheartit,

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