3 Ways to Make a Plain Tee More Interesting

Sometimes, it can feel like you really don't have anything in your closet to wear. I usually just pull out a solid t-shirt and jeans, but it often feels way too plain. Here's how you can spice up your t-shirts with just one or two accessories:

Belt it up
Loop an interesting belt around your waist. For neutral shades, use a belt that will add a pop of color to your outfit, like a red or bright teal skinny belt. For colorful tees, try wearing a neutral tone belt with an interesting design, like bows or braids.
Above: Braid Belt (Modcloth), Black Bow Belt (Wet Seal), Red Keeper Belt (Dorothy Perkins)

Add a scarf
Scarves can add oomph to your outfit with one sweep around your neck. Mix and match colors, designs, and patterns with your solid colored tee.
Above: Hilja Pieces Scarf (We Like Fashion), Cheeky Anchor Scarf (Buddha)

Rock statement jewelry
Statement jewelry may seem a little heavy to wear on a normal class day, but paired with a plain tee and jeans, it strikes just the right balance.
Above: Lace Effect Necklace (Forever 21), Stephan & Co. Statement Necklace Blue (Nordstrom)

What's your favorite way to make your plain tee more interesting?

By: CG Staff | Image: Source

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