How to Make a Statement with a Simple Outfit

Nowadays it’s so easy to look good. Well…we try at least. Men can pull off a sexy look just by throwing on a pair of dark denim jeans and a T-shirt with maybe a classic jacket on top. Bam! Done.

For us ladies, it can take a little more time and effort.

Fortunately, professionals, stylists, gurus and know-it-alls have helped women look good with a simple outfit. It’s saving us time and energy. An effortless routine that allows us to look flawlessly beautiful is welcome in any girl’s life.

So make sure you have staple clothing pieces in your closets and drawers. They not only save you from having to shop at the mall every month for the latest trends, but they also help you create more outfits! For instance, you can wear some flare jeans with a lace top, or take a basic, solid colored hoodie, put a striped shirt underneath and throw on your favorite jeans and you’re good to go!

These ideas may come naturally for some and others wonder in amazement at how such simplicity can work.

So once you’ve got that down (the whole simpleness) next is to add a little “umph,” if you will.

In addition to using simple tops and bottoms, you can also pair that blouse with a studded jean. Or even wear a black skirt with an embellished top. It’s hard to go wrong with a sequin dress, or if that’s too daring or not your style, then maybe just a sequin tank top with a cardigan over it.

Those little details add up. They make your style more of a statement. Be daring, but not scandalous. Don’t be shy or scared to wear something classy and nice on campus. It shows you care about yourself and want to look presentable. Don’t be conceded, though; no one likes a bragger.

Being a college student doesn’t require you to wear sweats on a daily basis. Stand out from the crowd and wear what you think is pretty and flattering on you. Have confidence when you walk through the pathways, cafeteria and classrooms at school knowing you’re rocking your look.

By: Laura Good | Images: Pinterest,, wardrobeSTYLE

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