Ask Kayla: How to Let Your Crush Know You Like Him

Hi! I desperately need your advice!

I have a huge crush on this guy I saw at school last year. After the school year ended, I never saw him again. We used to see each other every day and he used to notice me too. Once in my chemistry class he sat with me. Whenever I used to pass by he would smile.

From that time after I couldn't stop thinking about him. He was like this major, major crush. I kept looking for him online but I could not find him. Now one year has passed and I found him on Facebook. I was sooo glad that I finally found him. Now, I am unsure if I should add him as a friend. I don't want to look all desperate and like I want to get to him. I'm also scared that if I add him, he’ll reject my request. Please help!

Hi Crushing,

Girl. You are obsessing. And no less, over a guy whom you haven’t seen since last year in chemistry class! The prime time to say something would have been during class, when you could have actually said something. Like, in person. Which I’m not sure you’ve ever even done? Stop freaking out about a guy you like on the Internet and start freaking out about a guy you like in person!

Friend him on Facebook, stalk him on Twitter, send him a smoke signal through the night sky – the truth is, it doesn’t matter much what you do now. It’s all good and fun to have a crush but the reason a crush usually does not become more is because you don’t know anything about him. Don’t take a crush on someone who is essentially stranger too seriously. It’s easy to adore someone from afar who seems brilliant and romantic and funny and wonderful, but until you actually have a conversation with him, you might as well be writing to me about your crush on Harry Potter (what? I’m not the only one?).

This guy is not the first – or the last – guy to be interested in you. Hopefully, the next one will even take the initiative to get to know you. Or you’ll do the same. And then, Miss Crushing, that’s when the real chemistry begins.

Yours truly,


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By: Kayla Parks | Image: WeHeartIt

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