How to Avoid The Freshman Fifteen

You step through the doors of the cafeteria at school and the smell of food fills your nostrils—it’s greasy, but you need something quick because you’ve got that monster assignment due the next day. So today you pick up a burger, a coke and hell, why not, a bag of chips. Then you sit down with your friends and before taking a bite out of that juicy cardiac-arrest burger, you lick off the grease that fell onto your finger.

You, my friend, are on your way to getting the freshman fifteen. 

It starts off innocently, with time always slipping away, requiring you to find quick fixes, such as quick meals that consist of a ton of calories and fat. It’s so easy to get sucked into it, but with the following tips, it can be easy to avoid.

Watch what you eat:
Saying duh, huh? Well, it’s true. When you go to eat, simply watch what you eat. For example, if you see a burger or a salad, sometimes, not always, but sometimes, pick the salad instead. It’s okay to eat unhealthy occasionally, we all do it, right? Just try not to make unhealthy eating a daily thing because it can eventually turn into a stubborn habit that’s hard to break. And once you break it, it’s not just broken; you also have a whole other problem: getting rid of the weight you gained.

Find alternatives: 
During her first year of university, one of my good friends decided to seek out different alternatives for her meals. Instead of eating at the cafeteria every day, she would go to the sushi bar that was on campus. Although it was more expensive, she was able to eat healthier. If you’re willing to get creative and spend a little bit more money, search for places where you can eat food that is nicer on the waistline.

Plan out your meals: 
If you’ve got the time and motivation, try to get a copy of your school’s menu and use it to plan out your meals ahead of time. This way, you won’t be in a rush and pick up that slice of pizza. Instead, you can easily pick out the meal that you planned for yourself.
Cut down on the alcohol: 

You, yeah you, put the bottle of alcohol that’s currently pressed to your lips… down. College will likely bring a lot of partying, either during the week, weekend, or both. To protect yourself from gaining extra pounds, try to cut back on alcohol and the late night drunken McDonald’s missions. Alcohol has a ton of calories, so to prevent the freshman fifteen and save your poor, poor liver, give the bottle a rest for the night. Or two.

If I, the ultimate food lover can somehow avoid the freshman fifteen this year, then there’s hope for the rest of you. Trust me. Use the following tips into your life for all of your years at college and good luck, ladies!

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  1. Great article! I definitely needed something like this before my freshman fall...


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