A Greek Love Affair: What to Wear to Recruitment

If your ready for recruitment, it's time to start thinking about what you're going to wear. If you look good, you will feel great! This is a time where you want your confidence and personality to shine. Use these outfit ideas to guide you towards something that reflects your own style and individuality. 

Meet and Greet:
On the first day or days of recruitment, it’s usually casual. However, that does not mean you should not look put together! Go with nice shorts, jeans, a casual skirt or sundress with some cute flats or sandals. I’d recommend wearing a casual but cute top with some bangles or a necklace to dress it up!

House Tours:
The middle of recruitment is not as casual as the initial day, but not as fancy as preference. I would suggest wearing a sundress or a skirt with a classy top. Add some small wedges or less casual sandals.  Don’t skimp on the accessories either! 

Preference is the most formal of all recruitment. This is when you want to have your hair curled and your make up done! Wear an appropriate cocktail attire dress with heels or wedges to match. Don’t wear anything that you would wear to a club. Keep it classy. I’d recommend silver or gold jewelery to match the dress.

Whatever your style, make these outfits your own. This is just a guide for 'what to expect.' When I went through recruitment, I struggled with my outfits and wore the wrong clothes on the wrong days.  Now that you have a basic idea, wear what makes you feel great and what reflects your own personality, and you can’t go wrong!

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