Dump the Hunk: Why You Should Reconsider Bringing Your High School Relationship to College

College is about making new connections, getting into new experiences, and learning a lot along the way. One thing you may learn is that some things you cared about before you left for school are not as important as when you were at home; that thing could be your boyfriend. If you really think you have a chance to make it through, we're all for you and wish you the best of luck. But if you're unsure, you might want to dump the guy already. Here's why:

1. You are going to change, whether you want to or not. Going away to school will put you in a different mindset. It is honestly the first time you are able to think and do completely for yourself. Your parents, teachers, and lifelong friends are no longer around to watch and comment on yor every move. New people and new experiences will affect you and how you think. Maturity is bound to ensue.

2. You and your boyfriend are apart, one of you is bound to feel left out or less appreciated. The two of you are probably used to seeing each other all the time and hang out with the same friends. With one of you or both going out with new people and trying new things all the time, someone will begin to feel left behind. Or if both of you are meeting lots of new people and doing new things the two of you may not have time for each other anyway.

3. You miss out on so much during freshman year with a man attached to your waist. To truly get the college experience, students need to know what college life is like outside of the classroom. You don't want to be the girl that no one knows because you were too busy on the phone or Skype every night with your boyfriend. And you don't want to waste time going home every other weekend to see him. I have known too many freshman girls whose only focus is homeowrk and their boyfriend. There is much more to life!

Let's skip the arguments and the bad breakups over petty things that are inevitable and have the talk with your man. Who knows, if it's true love maybe the two of you will get back together at a later date. But for now, go enjoy a single freshman year at college!

What do you think? Do you have a high school to college success story?

By: Olivia Lewis | Image: Source

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