Single Girl & the City: Mr. Right v. Mr. Right Now

Years ago, my friend claimed she was in love with a guy. In hearing this, many older people said, "you don't know what love is". She said something that I still remember: "You have to be 21 to drink, 16 to drive, and 18 to be legal, what age are you able to be in love?" She was ultimately questioning those skeptics by making the statement that being in love shouldn't have an age labeled on it. That was years ago, and I still think about whether some people have a point in saying that when you're young, you don't know anything about love. What age is it not considered puppy love anymore?

You may or may not have already thought someone is "the one." However, it's possible that eventually, you'll find out that he is not Mr. Right, and then that relationship will end. Then, we will meet another guy who we will swear is "the one" all over again, until that relationship has ended too. And finally, we will meet a guy who we will label "the one" like we have before, only this time, he actually will be "the one." But until that day comes, I can't help but question: Is every guy who leads up to Mr. Right simply Mr. Right Now?

In truth, this somewhat breaks my heart knowing that we will inevitably have to go through a whole slew of Mr. Right Now's in order to reach Mr. Right. Is this wasting our time? Is it wrong to be totally and completely picky so as to avoid Mr. Right Now? And should we even try? Perhaps Mr. Right Now will teach us something or better prepare us for Mr. Right. In college, are we aiming to find Mr. Right?  Will we miss out on the fun and wonderful freeing experience of just Mr. Right Now? If all we do is reach for commited relationshps will we regret not living up our college days later?

I have no answers, just questions. What do you think?

Single Girl & the City

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  1. hmm.. good questions.!!! makes me wonder. i love your posts


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