The Revival of Sheer Tights

When you think of nude tights images of old women in floral dresses usually come to mind, followed by your mother yelling about how improper it is to go out with bare legs. However, with constant news coverage following the Middleton sisters, it’s no shock they have turned another thing into fashion gold. In almost every photo of the famous sister duo, the girls are snapped with gorgeous and perfect legs, thanks (at least in part) to sheer nude tights.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister have helped boost sales for several companies. And until recently, nude pantyhose were usually saved for formal occasions or for work attire; and most women I know just skip them all together. However, the Middletons have helped bring new life to the sheer hosiery, with help from other celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Hayden Panettiere.

It seems celebrities, royals and fashion runway shows are all fans of sheer tights and the look of glossy, touchable legs. It also helps that tights can hide a number of things, from scars and scratches when you have a fight with your razor to even a little belly bulge. They also help give your legs a nice even color, which is always beneficial in the summer, especially for those insecure about their pale legs!

While the Duchess seems to simply be following royal dress code, sales have increased over 80% since last year, after photos of her touring Canada and the U.S showed her flaunting her perfect and shimmering legs. While nude stockings once seemed outdated, they are no longer the same ones your grandmother wore. With sales going up, companies are changing tights to be ultra light and sheer, making them comfortable but stylish. They are almost undetectable, most of the time you can’t tell if Kate is wearing them or not.

Nude tights are definitely a fashion staple for the Duchess and other royals but many commoners are torn about whether to go sheer or bare.

So, how do you feel about the sheer pantyhose revival?

By: Ariana Philips | Images: Source, EOnline

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  1. hmmm i'm going to have to check this out! i always thought sheer tights were for old ladies who needed to hide some cellulose :|


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