The Two-Week Manicure

We all know manicures and pedicures are essential beauty rituals for us girls. The whole process of getting pampered, choosing from an array of pretty colors, and simply relaxing is a must. However, after all that time and money spent, we end up chipping or smudging our nails within hours (even minutes!) of getting them done.

Now, nail polish lovers won’t have to suffer anymore, spending money on countless manicures that get ruined in seconds. Instead, there is a world-shattering new manicure that has been gaining growing popularity in the last year. The Shellac manicure, created by Creative Nail Design, guarantees 14 days of chip and smudge proof nails.

Shellac is a hybrid manicure, combining half nail polish and half gel, which dries immediately after being placed under a UV light. The process includes the traditional steps of filing, cutting cuticles, and nail cleaning until it comes time to add the polish.

First, a manicurist will add the Shellac base coat to your nails, which you then place under the light. Next, the nail polish is added, followed by another curing under the UV light. This step is repeated for a second coat and then a layer of top coat to finish it off. Typically, each layer is added to one hand, while the other is drying under a UV light. To make sure the polish is completely dry, you use the UV light for five minutes, at the most.

The best part of the Shellac manicure is once your nail polish is cured, you are all set to go. You can even pay afterwards, daring to place your newly pampered hands in your bag!

Afterwards, you are left with glossy, chip-free nails that will last for over two weeks. The only downsides include the price and the limited color selection. Although the price tag is twice that of a regular manicure, the extra money is definitely worth it for a manicure that is guaranteed to last at least two weeks. And as far as the color selection is concerned, there are enough traditional options with a range from a classic French manicure to a classy red.

It is the perfect choice for everyone; from women attending weddings, proms, and of course for all of us working ladies out there, who can’t afford to waste time or money on weekly visits to the nail salon.

For those looking for a long lasting and glossy finish to their nails, the Shellac manicure is the way to go!

By: Ariana Philips | Photo: Tumblr

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