Surviving the Summer: Tips for Having Fun at Home

For those of you who have completely conquered your first year of college, congrats! And to the others inching their way closer to gradation: another hip-hip-hooray for you! I’m sure many of us are waiting for the day finals are over. No more late nights doing papers, projects, and ceaseless reading assignments that have you begging for no more.

Although we are enjoying the idle days that pass us by slowly, and the shining, scorching sun that warms our souls, you may feel a bit anxious to get back to campus.That’s when you know that although home is where the heart is, college is a getaway. For some, home is where they love to be. But others find it a stressful, dramatic place that would be much better left alone.

If you’re looking for a day or night out to gets some air and breathe, here are some suggestions:

A walk around town or your neighborhood can help ease the anxiety. Maybe you should call up those people you told, “We definitely have to hang out this summer!” and actually hang out and do something fun.

A trip to the mall, outlets, or thrift store will get your mind off your worries and let you think about yourself.

A sleepover: they’re there for you through thick and thin; this is one of those really thick times

Go on a real getaway. Find a group of friends or maybe some relatives you can deal with and book a trip. Granted, you need some money first, but if that’s not a problem, then go for it! (If you’re low on cash, you can always do a day trip somewhere you’d like to go).

Go clubbing with the girlies and dance the night away.

Read a book; it’s a way to enter into another world for a few hours and let your mind wander.

If you’re tired of the heat, go swimming, and while you’re there, you could try to swim a few laps for a great workout!

Treat yourself at the spa. Others might find a manicure or pedicure more affordable, but a nice massage and relaxation sounds pretty good for the tension in your muscles.

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  1. Great tips! I am definitely trying to relax and enjoy the down time at home... I know I will be craving it come fall!


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