Summer Scorcher: Style Basics for Fiery Weather

The heat wave that has descended upon the Midwest and East Coast is putting a real damper on anything and everything. Temperatures have hit above 90 degrees and the heat index is well over 100! This is all making styles fall flat.

When it is this hot and humid out, I usually stick to the easiest and breeziest (sorry for the corny notation) frocks around. 99% of the time these are flowy sundresses and silky rompers. Thicker cotton dresses tend to be not-so-breathable, so I sway toward the lighter options whenever it is hotter than an oven outside. Obviously this hot weather put me in a style conundrum so I became inspired to find anything that would alleviate this ultimate sweat fest.

My thoughts are:

1. Stick to breathable fabrics: Lighter blends of cotton, silks and gauze materials work best in the hot temps.
2. Go for light colors: The lighter the color, the better, so stick to bright whites and cool pastel combos.
3. Let your toes free: Wear strappy flat sandals—nothing bulky or chunky, in flat, heeled and wedge styles.
4. Show some skin: Wear dresses and loosely-draped tanks that have smaller straps or are strapless. Steer clear of any crewneck tops, or you will risk totally sweating your butt off.

Above anything else: wear sunscreen EVERY DAY, drink water and then drink some more, put longer hair up in a high pony to get of your neck, twist or braid hair around face to keep it from sticking to your beautiful face, and attempt to enjoy the weather, because Midwest and East Coast girls know we will be back to parkas and scarves in no time!

Regardless of where you live, give these options a try for an effortless style change on the hot and humid days of summer.

Roxy - Tropics 2 Dress - $54.50

Akira - Feather Print Romper - $34.90

Lulu's - GĂ©noise Cake Strapless Ivory Dress - $42.00

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