Styleta's Designer Challenge Finalists Are Here!

Awhile ago, we asked you to submit your fashion designs to the Styleta Student Designer Challenge, an awesome opportunity for college designers to gain exposure and win some cool prizes. Now, the top 10 finalists and 2 wildcards from across the nation have been announced!

    Molly Mastrandrea - Lasell, 2013
    Christine Lam - Lasell, 2011
    Lauren Dibartolomeo - Lasell, 2013
    Kayla Medeiros - Bay State College, 2011
    Evan Mayson - Washington University in St Louis, 2012
    Rose Oliva - Parsons, 2014
    Eden Abate - Marymount, 2011
    Kelly Tang - Marymount, 2011
    Abhishek Anand - Pearl Academy of Fashion, 2012
    Julie Kontos - Lasell, 2007
    Ninh Nguyen – FIT, 2009
    Michelle Batres – UCSB, 2013

Click here to see their awesome designs (and all the cool sponsors - like us!)

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