Keeping Your Facebook Squeaky Clean

Even though it's summer, that's no excuse to let your Facebook profile get loaded down with inappropriate statuses, unflattering and questionable pictures, and wall post viruses. Every time you log onto your profile, you should be monitoring your own activity and ask yourself if a future employer was checking out your profile, would he or she be disappointed in what was being displayed?

Keeping your Facebook profile clean and appropriate is absolutely nothing to stress about. It's the daily maintenance that makes it easier. Here are some things you should always be on the lookout for:

Wall post viruses

We've all gotten them. The obnoxious post on our walls with a video link with the phrase "OMG, I can't believe what this Dad did to his daughter." First, don't click the link. I know, it looks interesting. It looks legit. It's making you curious. However, if you click the link not only will it show you what the 'dad did to his daughter' but will post the link on all of your friends' walls. Unprofessional. So the next time you get one on your wall, simply remove it from your wall so you and your friends won't be tempted to keep the cycle going.

Inappropriate tagged photos

That party last night got a little crazy. Some pictures were taken and next thing you know, you're getting notifications of those unflattering photos of yourself. Immediately, untag. Now is not the time to worry about what your friends will think. If it's your reputation on the line, you're going to want to make sure you do whatever it takes to keep it. Also, when choosing your profile picture, make sure that it's appropriate as well. You may think you new bikini looks adorable, but it could give off the wrong impression in the professional world.


We all know that one person who when he or she gets worked up and angry enough, will post statuses containing expletives and all kinds of inappropriate nonsense. It's best to leave Facebook alone when you're angry or even depressed. Keeping your statuses upbeat and professional will not only get you more "likes" but will let everyone know that you're a responsible, mature adult rather than a moody teenager who uses statuses as mini diary entries.


Even if you're commenting on your own status or wall posts from your friends, remember to be careful and keep in mind that someone, somewhere is reading what you're posting. Explicit language, gossip, and dirty jokes are probably something you should stay far away from.

Your life right now should be about how present yourself, on and offline. Your online presence is very important and should not be neglected. You want to be someone who can be responsible, professional, smart, and aware of her surroundings. It's so important these days to keep your profile squeaky clean. You'll thank yourself for it later.

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