Is Single Life Turning You Bitter?

I never truly put much thought into how I stare at couples. It’s just one of those subconscious things that we all do sometimes. I don’t mean to stare, or glare—whatever way you want to take it. But c’mon, if I see a couple eating each other’s face off in public, then I will definitely send a long, urgent look to the poor girl, in hopes to save her before the guy mauls her to death. Really, I thought I was simply being the hero in this situation. That is, until one of my friends caught me in the act when I truly realized that I was turning into the single devil herself and yes, I am definitely bitter. 

It’s safe to say that we’ve all seen a new couple in what I like to call, the “honey moon stage.” We all know the classic look—the eyes are wistfully glowing, the blood rushing to the cheeks to welcome that huge smile and the flirty head tilt towards the lucky one, is anything but obvious. Usually, this calls for another glass of wine—not to celebrate this newfound relationship, but to help us single folk cope with our everlasting single status. But really, is being single as bad as it seems? I think yes, and I think no. Obviously it can be bitter sweet, but if you’re a single girl, like myself, then here are some much needed ways to enjoy the single life, and make it mostly sweet, not bitter.

Treat yourself:

Since a guy is no longer in your life, you’ll have some extra cash and time to pamper yourself. Schedule an emergency spa and makeover day ASAP. By tapping into the feel good treatments that make you feel relaxed, you’ll leave the spa feeling reenergized, beautiful and confident! Also, it’ll help you feel happier, which will help get rid of some of those bitter feelings. And who knows, with your hot new look, you’re bound to get some attention. Take it in, bask in it and enjoy.

Work on other relationships:
There are some girls who ditch their friends as soon as they land a boyfriend. If you’re one of them, then take this time to focus on rebuilding the relationships that you have with your closest friends. Make time for them and do things that you used to, like going out for drinks on a Friday night. Not only are you strengthening ties with them, but you’re also pleasing yourself, too. Everybody needs something stable in their life to rely on sometimes, and friends can definitely be your rock. You just have to make sure that you keep and maintain them there. Use this time to mend old friendships, make new ones, or focus on the one with yourself.

Do the things that you could never do while dating someone:

At some point in life, we each need to get that experimental, rebellious period out of our systems. If we don’t, then we might look back and regret some missed opportunities. So your newfound singleness is the perfect time to fulfill some of those spontaneous adventures and dreams that you’ve wanted to do, but couldn’t because of your guy at the time. Say you wanted to take a trip to Vegas, but your last boyfriend refused it, unless he came with—well, with him out of your life, book your flight. Right now. Or better yet, arrange a road trip. Go bungee jumping. Get that tattoo you’ve been thinking of for years. Whatever it was that you always wanted to do, do it! With no guy in your life, it’s your chance to be free and live life under your own regards.

Whether you find a great guy eventually, or stay being single. You need to know, remember and memorize that single doesn’t mean lonely. For some people, being single is a choice, and for others, it’s simply just life and fate mixed together. Don’t give up hope, because one day, when you’re not looking, Mr. Right may suddenly walk into your life. And when he does, appreciate and remember your single days where you kept a good balance in your life and the most important relationship in your life was the one with yourself. If the new guy comes in, make room for him in your life, but don’t forget about yourself and friends too—after all, they were with you during those bitter, but certainly sweet, single days.

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  1. It's so hard to be patient for Mr. Right. Thanks for the tips :)

  2. Oh, trust me, I know! But with time, he'll eventually show up, and no problem ! :)

  3. I feel like I'm becoming less of the sad hopeless romantic I was once...maybe it's maturity? But, I must admit I AM becoming bitter and cynical. I never thought this day would come O: haha

  4. Omgsh don't even worry, I'm the exact same way. I think it's because we've grown up to believe in love, but as we get older and go through the dating world, it turns into "love smove"

    so don't worry, you're definitely not alone haha

  5. This article has definitely made me self aware. I don't want to be the single she devil lol


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