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Often, when people are putting together an outfit, they focus on the clothes and shoes. I find that some of the most put-together people seriously lack jewelry and that the well-dressed individuals I know pay close attention to jewelry and accessories. Jewelry can be a tough one to conquer. How much is too much? How much is too little? I think it’s important to realistically look at your style and what you do. Between jobs, school, extracurricular activities, paying attention to how you fill your day and realistically how much you move, so that you aren’t the girl on the softball team clanking away with ten bangles on your wrist. 

One of my favorite styles of jewelry so far is a layered cuff bracelet. One big one does the trick, or two medium ones, to spruce up any outfit. It’s important for the cuff to fit. Pay attention to the cuff width and your wrist width (adjustable ones are great for this). 

Here are eight great choices:

1.    Tarnish Pyramid and Crystal Stretch Bracelet, $48, available at Nordstrom. 

One thing I absolutely love about this cuff is the tough look it can give an outfit. Wear it with patterns, prints, and florals; it can keep an outfit from looking too prissy!

2.    Cara Accessories Colored Stone Bangle, $28, available at Nordstrom. 

Stones are a great way to give an outfit an instant boost of luxe. These stones make the bracelets look a lot more expensive than they are.  You could also layer multiple of these bracelets for a cool look.  

3.    Kendra Scott “Slome” Statement Cuff, $88, available at Nordstrom. 

This cuff is a good piece for something that is not overly complicated and put together. Throw it on with a white t-shirt and jeans and it can transform an outfit.

4.    Stone Cluster Cuff Bracelet, $28, available at Urban Outfitters


5.    VeridiAum Frusta Cuff Bracelet, $95, available at Urban Outfitters. 

How cool is this cuff? I am currently obsessed with it and can’t wait for my own to arrive! In terms of bold looking cuffs, this one can’t be beat! 

6.    Faceted Wooden Bracelet, $6.80, available at Forever21

. Forever21 and H&M are musts for any fashionista on a budget. What I liked about this cuff was its material and the faceted surface. It gives the cuff much more dimension

7.    Faux Gemstone Hinge Bracelet, $8.80, available at Forever 21

For any vintage lovers out there, this piece is certainly one to add to your collection. The oval shape makes it look antique, but the fresh gold against the creamy base keeps it young and wearable.  

8.    Pharaoh’s Queen Gold Snake Cuff, $22, available at Lulu’s. This piece is great for an evening cuff. Because the cuff is so dramatic, I would keep all other aspects of the look simple and clean. For only $22, this is a steal! 

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