Au Naturalé: Go Makeup Free!

There’s a lot that a girl has to go through every day to stay beautiful. As you wake up groggily each morning, climb out of bed, and make your way to the bathroom, you begin your daily preparations. After a good face scrub, teeth brushing (and don’t forget to floss!), application of moisturizer, sunscreen, and creating a marvelous hair-do, you begin to wonder what makeup you will apply.

It might be something that goes along with your outfit, mood, or both for that matter. But, as you check the weather forecast and see that it’s incredibly hot and humid, or it’s just one of “those” days, then here is a suggestion.

Go au naturalé.

When you wear makeup, you might use the signature eyeliner and classic mascara. This season, there are new hues that stylists are suggesting to try out, like a pop of majestic purple or glazing turquoise. Although, the whole “go natural” trend is attracting women.

Every woman is beautiful. Companies, like Dove, are marketing their beauty campaigns from young teens to older women, encouraging them to look their best without piling up layer after layer of makeup.

Launched in 2004, Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign and Self Esteem fund want women to break from the typical stereotypes of what being beautiful is and create “thought-provoking ads, confidence-building programs, and messages that embrace all definitions of beauty.”

Beauty sections of fashion magazines have also jumped on the wagon and are giving tips and tricks for readers to have a completely natural look with few basic items like mascara with golden or earth-toned colored eye shadow.

As college women, we don’t have much time to put on a ton of makeup during the semester or in the busy, fun, and hot summertime. Before bedtime, we have to remember to take off the makeup we spent long minutes putting on in the morning. It’s truly a hassle.

So, we ask you to embrace your natural beauty and wear less or maybe no makeup! Some may feel uncomfortable with being completely bare, showing every imperfection, but you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed.

Simply applying a tinted moisturizer, like Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer ($25), with a coat or two of mascara, like LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara ($5.99) will make you glow.

Be you and only you.

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